Saturday Story Prompts [2019.11.30]

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1. Burning magic is the least efficient way to stay awake, but they can’t afford to stop for rest… or coffee.

2. “Sometimes mountains aren’t meant to be climbed.” She tossed the brochure back on the table, dismissing both the colony and his dreams in one blow. “‘Because it’s there’ is a sad excuse for lost lives and pointless boasting. You matter too much to me to let you throw away your life like this!”

3. Cell phones have notoriously bad signal around the statue of the Fates in St. Stephen’s Green, but no one in Dublin has been able to figure out why.

4. The beach is made of bone, centuries of soldiers ground down and weathered by the tide. If you listen at night you can hear the screams echo off the dunes.

5. Clotho could tell what sort of life it would be, even before the thread touched Lachesis’s fingers. Thick, thin, straight spun or misshapen, she could feel the pattern of joys and sorrows as it twisted onto her spindle.


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The beach is made of bone, ground down and weathered by the tide. Saturday Story Prompt. November 30, 2019
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