Saturday Story Prompts [2019.11.09]

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1. There was no doubt as to where the dragon had gone. Its every wingbeat seared the treetops and sent birds plummeting from the sky parboiled and steaming.

2. “It’s only a dream,” they lied as they tucked him back into bed.

3. The fire runs across the yard like moss, flames barely an inch high and the heat no worse than the heavy hand of the summer sun.

4. The world’s light gravity and strong winds favor ferns over bushes or trees. Combined with the constantly migrating herbivore herds, it’s created a grassland that never stops growing.

5. The white gloves are paper-thin but tough and the fabric stretches and clings to his fingers much too easily for normal silk. He forces himself not to flinch as he realizes whose magic created them and carefully avoids meeting the tailor’s gaze


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“It’s only a dream,” they lied as they tucked him back into bed. Saturday Story Prompt. November 9, 2019
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