Social Media Rehash and Regroup

September Social Media Tracking

My experiments this year with social media have been… interesting.

For the most part, I don’t seem to have gotten much of a traffic boost out of my attempts, but I’m not sure if that was just because I got distracted. Overall my website traffic is actually down from last year!

I’m still game to give it another solid push for the last quarter of the year, so who knows. *rolls up sleeves*

Just the Numbers, Please

September 2019 Social Network Traffic

Since January I’ve gone from about 10 people a day coming in from social sources to about 20, which is… better? Almost all of the bump up happened in February, so at least I know some of the scheduling I was doing was working.

I’m still getting almost all of my traffic from my Pins, which considering my uptick in Twitter’ing (yay #vss365!) is a little depressing. Thankfully I’m on Twitter for fun, so it’s not as frustrating as it could be.

What’s odd is that my Facebook is bringing in more traffic than Twitter and I pretty much ignore it (other than cross-posting from Instagram). ?

Which means I should probably really start focusing more on Pinterest…


Pinterest 2018 vs 2019

The main reason my social traffic is lower this year is because of this large spike from Pinterest at the beginning of last year. This was when I was giving Tailwind a try (aka free trial) and I did a LOT of pin scheduling.

Right now the plan is to try and replicate this after the craft fair, either by using Hootsuite or by giving in and paying for a month of Tailwind. I’ll be posting new listings to Etsy at the same time, so I’ll have things to post! ?

As much as I love the Saturday Story Prompt pins, they aren’t bringing traffic to the blog. It’s the plaster casting posts and other How-to’s that do. So I need to try and carve out time to do a few more…

Clicky da Link!

The one main issue with doing a Pinterest bonanza is that I don’t have enough images. I can do direct links to the Etsy and Amazon listings, but if I want to direct folks to the website… I need images!

Thankfully Canva has a wide range of stock templates for Pinterest, so I’m going to go experiment and see what I can whip up. There are some days when I’m a little overwhelmed with the number of hats I need to wear to run a small crafting business… but it’s also sorta fun! ?

My goal is to have multiple images that lead back to the same blog posts, that way I’ll catch the eye of different folks. It’s been really hit or miss on which things seem to be popular, so it’s still a learning curve for me.

Time to get learning, I guess!

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