Saturday Story Prompts [2019.09.14]

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1. There are nine rings on every wizard’s tower in homage to the nine secrets of the world.

2. “It’s just a pair of fancy scissors.” The lab tech handed back the evidence bag with an annoyed frown. “They might look scary, but there’s no blood, no trace, no— well, anything. If these were used to kill someone, I’d eat my hat.”

“No one says that anymore, plus you don’t even own a hat.” He took the bag back, frowning at the shears.

3. Even the youngest child knows how to treat burns– their world runs on fire and steam and neither daemon is a friend of man.

4. They’ve done this before, but it was years ago when they were younger and the dragons older.

5. He decorates the outside of the ship knowing they’ll never be seen once the ships leave dock. Microabrasions will wear away the paint long before it docks again, but until then they will be his unique rage against the empty canvas of the stars.


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They’ve done this before, but it was years ago when they were younger and the dragons older. Saturday Story Prompt. September 14, 2019
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