Saturday Story Prompts [2019.09.07]

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1. Chainmail holds spells better than leather, the links easily lend themselves to intricate patterns that keep the magic churning in endless circles.

2. The stairway costs more than her entire house and she follows him up it reluctantly.

3. They time their landing to coincide with sunrise and the colonists greet a new planet and a new day in one exuberant burst of optimism.

4. There’s a trail of white stones that lead swimmers in spirals across the lake. Near the shore, the waters are crystal clear and they’re easy to follow, but as the bottom plunges down into the caves, it deepens to a rich blue. No one knows who put them there or ever reached the end… but more than one person has died trying.

5. The violist sits at the edge of the park on Sunday afternoons. Well off the path and without a tip jar, they play quiet melodies meant to soothe rather than entrance.


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The stairway costs more than her entire house and she follows him up it reluctantly. Saturday Story Prompt. September 7, 2019
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