Saturday Story Prompts [2019.08.31]

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1. The wreckage still sits where it fell at the base of the mountain, the gears frozen solid with rust and ice.

2. Radishes soak up the excess magic from the soil in her balcony garden box, nullifying the toxic effects before it can turn the carrots blue again.

3. Atropos knew living down among the threads was a bad idea, it was so much easier to wield the shears when her job was abstract and emotionless. Here, where the threads had names and faces, families and dreams… it hurt. She looked out across the park and thought of the promise she’d made all those centuries ago.

4. “They eat metal.” The engineer looked close to tears as he threw the results of the xenobiologists’ report about the dragons on the desk. “Metal.”

5. Every night he went to sleep in one life and woke every morning into a new one.


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Every night he went to sleep in one life and woke every morning into a new one. Saturday Story Prompt. August 31, 2019
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