Saturday Story Prompts [2019.08.24]

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1. The world’s a lot simpler if you pretend magic doesn’t exist… and if you try hard enough sometimes it will leave you alone.

2. His funeral is awash with the flowers he’d never given her.

3. “We can do it– you just have to have faith.” She patted the ship’s hull fondly. “Tell me she’s just metal and electricity all you want, I know my ship and she’s in there, listening.”

4. Rough-hewn logs are stacked in an intricate mess, leaves still clinging to some of the branches. Interwoven with mud and debris, the mound looks as if giant beavers have built a den in the middle of the prairie.

5. Demons like to hide in the cracks of old logs, basking in the darkness and rot.


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His funeral is awash with the flowers he’d never given her. Saturday Story Prompt. August 24, 2019
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