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I’m facing the end of 2019 and in that vein, I’ve signed up with an editor to help work through my flash fiction backlog. Each month she’ll be sending me feedback on a small chunk that I’m planning on polishing to a shine.

Some of the flash will be going out for traditional publishing and some will be rolled up into self-published collections. I’ve started to collect the list of possible flash fiction markets and it should be fun to try and do this ‘properly’! ?

Universe Worldbooks and Wikis

In order to stay ahead of the editing process, I’m doing a bit of an overhaul on each universe’s page. It will still have the links to the blog published fiction, but it will also serve as a wiki and a landing page to keep myself organized.

I’m also trying to make it a lot easier to find (and read!) the various stories on the blog. Right now most of my traffic is coming from the artwork and I’d like to bring balance to the force…

That being said, Too Old for Neverland is the first ‘verse up on the block and I hope to have it finished by the end of this long weekend! 🙂

Sneaking in a new ‘Verse

July’s Camp NaNoWriMo kicked off the start of a new universe!

This is a not-James-Bond fanfic (also a not-Sherlock one) and it an Urban Fantasy world with empaths and werewolves. …I’ve ended up with YET ANOTHER NEW KIND OF WEREWOLF, OMG MUSES WHY.

Errr… yes. Whoops?

Anywho! The MuseFic for the story (Bitter Mint and Chocolate) will start being posted to the blog next month. I’ll also be cross-posting to Wattpad, as I am using that as a way to lure in readers.

So all, in all, next month is going to be a lot of fun! Add in the art chaos that is about to unfold as I prep for October’s art fair and the blog should be hopping! 😉

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