Saturday Story Prompts [2019.07.13]

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1. The threads of life were ugly misshapen things. Even after all these centuries of practice, Destiny fought against Clotho’s spindle.

2. Fairy foxes lead them through the snowy forest. Their bright red coats are flashes of fire against the drifts every time they drift off course. At first, the horses shy when they pop up, but over the hours become accustomed to their unnatural guides.

3. “You’ve done all you can,” said Melie, pushing Tish’s phone away with the hot cocoa mug. “There’s only so much benevolent meddling he’s going to tolerate.” Tish gave one last grumpy tap and reluctantly refocused her frustrations on murdering tiny marshmallows.

4. Dogs made pretty good partners when it came to exploring planets, they were eternally optimistic about the possibility of alien squirrels.

5. After the war the easiest power is steam, but it’s been a long time since anyone has used it and the learning curve is short but vicious.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can use these writing prompts verbatim or modified, just don’t resell them as prompts. (That’s my shtick!)

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Fairy foxes lead them through the snowy forest. Saturday Story Prompt. July 13, 2019
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