Saturday Story Prompts [2019.06.15]

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1. They tell you not to eat or drink in fairyland, but when the choice comes down to death or immortality, few people choose death.

2. She finds the old mixtapes in a box of random paperwork as she cleans. Ancient cassettes whose secondhand music has long since been lost to static are worthless, useless things… but there in shaky blue ink is proof of their love half a century later.

3. “You weren’t expecting him to die?” She watched the old woman carefully unwind an invisible thread from around the patient’s head. “But you’re Death—”

“No, no, I’ve enough work without that.” Atropos gave her a measured look as she tucked the thread in one of her many pockets. “I cut his thread the day he was born girl, he was due another thirty years yet, but you can’t make someone follow fate. Still, at least he was an organ donor so this’ll go to good use.” She patted her pocket and turned to leave the room.”

4. I was born to be a scientist, statistically. I came from good bloodlines and my childhood was engineered to nourish the person I was to become. But the Comptrollers are men, not gods. At least, not yet.

5. The last thing he sees before the world fades away to white is the dog chasing away the fox dragon.


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She finds the old mixtapes in a box of random paperwork as she cleans. Saturday Story Prompt. June 15, 2019
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