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It’s the halfway point of 2019 and my checklist of finished writing projects is looking a little… sparse? It’s still all chaos and very little polish in the wilds of the writing desk.

But as ever I have optimism that things will turn themselves around!

So far this year I’ve published 31 Days of books for Travel, Vistas, Weapons and Clothing. With luck, I’ll be adding Music, Day Jobs, School, and Pets in the next few months. (After that, the monthly theme is up in the air.)

Camp NaNoWriMo 2019 Badge

The next Camp NaNoWriMo is looming on the horizon and this time around I’m playing around with the idea of committing to time and not wordcount or even a specific project.

I have a lot of things that I want to work on (and that I need to work on) and I’d rather split my time up instead of committing to one project. So saying I’ll work X minutes a day seems a reasonable compromise.

31 Days of Weapons - Writing Prompts by Martha Bechtel - eBook Cover

The 31 Days of book for this month is done and preloaded as a mailing list freebie starting on the 24th. I also have it up on Amazon as a pre-order, so it should kick over to paid status on the 1st… We’ll see if I’ve set up the mailing list right! 😉

The next monthly book is currently up in the air a bit. I have a few different covers and content that I’m working on and I’m not sure which one will be done first.

I’m also creating other more generic books that are more genre-focused that will be coming out independent of the monthlies. These guys won’t be offered to the mailing list, since they will be built primarily from already published prompts. They’ll go straight up to Amazon to play on Kindle Unlimited!

500 Words 31 Days of Weapons - Daily Writing (flash fiction) by Martha Bechtel - eBook Cover

I’m going to be trying to work myself up to my old goal of 500 words a day, but it may take a bit. My writing skills are more than a bit rusty and I’m not sure how long 500 words will take…

But it’s good practice for July’s NaNo, so time to get my butt in the chair and words on the page! 🙂

31 Days of Book Cover Redesign

Folks might have noticed a drastic change in the 31 Days of covers. Instead of the generic picture and square text box, I’ve swapped to a more whimsical set of shapes. (With hidden pencils!)

Hopefully the new covers will get folks to give them a click! *crosses fingers*

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