Saturday Story Prompts [2019.04.27]

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1. Water flows up the waterfall in eerie silence.

2. “This is a joke, right?” He looked down at the text that warned him about the train crash that was coming next Tuesday.

3. First impressions meant everything in this world. Come across too rich and they’d avoid you for fear of causing offense, too poor and you weren’t worth their time. He had to walk the thin line of costuming and mannerisms that made him the perfect target for the hunt.

4. Deep in the memories of every starship is that first moment when they took the step from being awake to being alive.

5. They live dangerous lives and they’ve known from the beginning that one of them would outlive the other. Twenty years was a lifetime –was a heartbeat– and wasn’t long enough.


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They live dangerous lives and they've known from the beginning that one of them would outlive the other. Saturday Story Prompt. April 27, 2019
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