Saturday Story Prompts [2019.04.06]

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1. Waistcoats and top hats danced in societal pleasantries with corsets and bonnets, but most of the faculty was older and married, so these were financial courtships. She was here chasing funding of her own, lab equipment was forever in the midst of being mended, but for a moment she wished it was a proper sort of ball instead.

2. Magic is carefully cultivated in flower beds and gardens, infused in soil and seeds, and harvested when the moons are full.

3. Accidental death is inescapable, no matter how far they push the science. These days it’s statistics and not bad health that people have learned to fear.

4. “That won’t ever work,” she snatches it from his hand and pops the back panel open with deft annoyance. “The ratio is wrong, can’t you hear it?” She plucks out the offending gear and snips off every third tooth.

5. Nothing is left after the fight. Even the thick timbers that one held up the stables are ash and memories.


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"That won't ever work," she snatches it from his hand and pops the back panel open with deft annoyance. Saturday Story Prompt. April 6, 2019
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