Saturday Story Prompts [2019.03.09]

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1. When the city was alive she’d housed thousands of souls, and walking the ruins of her ancient boiler rooms is like exploring a vast cave system.

2. The job offer is a calculated insult, meant to test how desperate he really is, but it’s enough to keep his kids safe and fed so he takes it with a smile.

3. The marshes stink of rot and old magic, smothered beneath the fresh scent of spring.

4. Living on another planet drives some colonists mad. Not everyone can adapt to the constant bombardment of sensory input that’s not quite right in ways they can feel, but can’t articulate.

5. “So I can’t change anything? All of this was planned since the day I was born?”

“I didn’t plan your life,” said Lachesis. “I merely looked at all that would be and measured accordingly. “

“Can’t you measure it again? You made this happen— Fix this!”


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can use these writing prompts verbatim or modified, just don’t resell them as prompts. (That’s my shtick!)

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The marshes stink of rot and old magic, smothered beneath the fresh scent of spring. Saturday Story Prompt. March 9, 2019
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