Saturday Story Prompts [2019.02.23]

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1. There’s a fortune to be made in the mountains… for those that honor the rock spirits.

2. The dusk sky is littered with rocket trails, windswept lines cutting across the stars. Soon the colony will have a proper spaceport and gravity handlers but for now, she can lie back and watch the twilight burn.

3. Filter flowers glitter mother-of-pearl in the sunlight as they twist back and forth in their pots in search of the breeze. Older vegetation is less flexible and the vines dripping off the balcony railings are limited to small twitches of their wide fern-like leaves.

4. They burn love letters to keep warm.

5. “Of course you can refuse your destiny,” Atropos snorted, “most people do!”

“But it’s Fate,” he argued. “It’s already meant to be, how can you undo predestination and still have it be predestination?”

“Because humans rarely take no for an answer?” She shrugged. “You’re flawed creations, so the rules don’t always apply. Your Fate is still out there, waiting for you to change your mind. But you won’t, will you.”


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They burn love letters to keep warm. Saturday Story Prompt. February 23, 2019
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