Saturday Story Prompts [2019.02.16]

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1. Magic crackles along the window frame, clawing at the wards that keep it trapped inside the house.

2. The simulation was a hair’s breadth from being real. The sunlight warmed his skin, the spring breeze held the faint bright scent of new growth, but the leaves… the leaves rustled in a pattern just shy of natural and he could still hear the code beneath.

3. Insanity was the best revenge and she took her time driving him to the edge time and time again before she’d had enough of the game and pushed him all the way over

4. Soft winds seep through the marshes, heavy and damp as breath, tweaking the whiskers of the possums as they slide by.

5. “My brother was eaten by a dragon.”

“I’m sure he was–” he frantically searched for an appropriate response, “–delicious?” From the look on the ambassador’s face, he’d chosen poorly.


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The simulation was a hair's breadth from being real. Saturday Story Prompt. February 16, 2019
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