Saturday Story Prompts [2019.02.02]

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1. “It would be helpful if they’d say something other than ‘that’s nice’!” She frowned at her phone, half-buried in the mountain of fabric samples Lennie had piled on the couch.

“That’s why you’re the designer and they’re the bride,” Lennie pointed out from the other room, still digging through his hoard for the perfect swatch.

2. The dragon munches happily on the armor and weapons, carefully peeling them off and chucking aside the inedible bodies.

3. The stench of rotten fruit gets heavier the closer they get to the orchards. With no one to bring in the harvest and no animals left to eat them, the apples have rotten where they fell.

4. He knows the space station is immense, there’s more people living here than most mining planets, but he can barely sense the difference as they disembark. The dull beige corridors are standard size and it feels like any other station… until he turns one last corner into the massive atrium that serves as the station’s core and greenhouse.

5. Midnight creeps up on them before they know it and they stumble into the witching hours half-drunk on possibilities.


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Midnight creeps up on the before they know it and they stumble into the witching hours half-drunk on possibilities. Saturday Story Prompt. February 2, 2019
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