Saturday Story Prompts [2019.01.26]

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1. “Be as aggressive as you want, the Company’s not paying us a bonus for prisoners this time.”

2. The Fae are obsessed with man-made synthetics. Their houses are decorated with them and their most revered embassies are built from scraps of plastic and metal alloys embedded in clear resin walls. It’s trash but arranged so artistically that when the sunlight hits it, even the most exquisite stained glass windows are put to shame.

3. Silence dogs their footsteps, nibbling away at the world until it’s all they can hear.

4.  Charles was the sort of name that boring parents gave to boring children in the vain hope of emulating kings. He threw out the resume without reading further– he was building an empire and there was only room for one king here.

5. Computers are ruthless in their calculations for survival, pruning away the weakest among us to goad us into the impossible– knowing humans will do anything for love.


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Silence dogs their footsteps, nibbling away at the world until it’s all they can hear. Saturday Story Prompt. January 26, 2019
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