Saturday Story Prompts [2019.01.19]

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1. A union pin gleams faintly in the wreckage, torn loose in the explosion it’s the only proof he has left that someone was inside.

2. Lesser demons pick idly at the carcass, nibbling on minor sins and white lies.

3. “It doesn’t predict the future, not yet. It predicts the past.” She carefully unfolded the clockwork assembly, half-computer and half-abstract art. “You have to start with known variables after all.”

4. He was gone in a flash, leaving behind only the faint memory of a beard and laughter.

5. Professor Daniels was the first immortal she’d met that made no attempt to hide his curse. It was actually a selling point of the doctoral program that the university had managed to attract non-humans into the faculty, but sitting down to a lecture from one was so much more fascinating than she could have hoped.


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He was gone in a flash, leaving behind only the faint memory of a beard and laughter. Saturday Story Prompt. January 19, 2019
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