Saturday Story Prompts (Plus Five)

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1. The problems with the humans we found scattered across the galaxy boiled down to the fact they weren’t actually human. We may have started out from the same stock and ended in roughly the same place– but our evolutions had wildly different ideas on how to get there.

2. Sparks dance around the campfire as the fresh pine snaps and crackles, tiny drops of sap that flare to ash and leave dappled smudges along the bordering rocks.

3. They’ve fed bodies to the bog for as long as they can remember, generations of Clarins bound and blessed and left to sink slowly down to sleep with their kin.

4. Its scales ripple as if underwater, heat and magic warping the sunlight that peeks through the ruins of the skyscrapers.

5. “You want to be a hero, I get it, but this isn’t the place for heroes, kid. You just don’t have it in you to be the bad guy. I do.”


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You want to be a hero, I get it, but this isn't the place for heroes, kid. You just don't have it in you to be the bad guy. I do. Saturday Story Prompt. December 31, 2018
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