January 2019 Random Roll #1


To help get my writing organized and my worldbuilding a little less haphazard, I decided to use the old Random Roll idea to work on my universes this year.

Each Sunday I will roll 2d6 (using Random.org’s dice roll) and then work on the corresponding ‘verse for a week.

If you have as many WiPs or universes as I do, come on in and join the fun! You just need to make a table like the one I have above. If you have smaller piles, just repeat stories or universes to fill it in! 🙂

December 30 – January 5

Random Roll 2d6 2018-12-30

Looks like I’ll be playing in the Skipping Stones ‘verse to start off the year!

This is actually a great place to start because I have almost nothing put together for it. There’s no universe page, no icon, no banner… just a bunch of semi-connected drabbles.

I think I’ll use this first week to also work on what sort of information I would like to have for each ‘verse. I can play around with the different scaffolding options and come up with something good! 🙂

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