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I have not been keeping up at all with the update posts this year, but better late than never? (I hope!)

I haven’t been writing much this year, even with the various NaNoWriMos. After a few stabs at a daily writing goal, I’m no closer to a consistent word count than I was when the year started.

But that’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰


31 Custom Writing Prompts ebook cover

Obviously, the Saturday Story Prompts are going to keep going. Thanks to the various custom story prompt books I’ve written over the years, I have plenty of prompts lined up.

Most of the work in 2019 is going to be creating the Canva images for the older posts and creating new prompt collection ebooks. I’d like to have at least one new collection done a month, so I’m playing around with theme lists ideas.

500 Words ebook cover

In a bid to start a workday writing habit I created 500 Words on Wattpad, which has been… better than nothing? 

I want to try and focus in on this, so I can learn how to write a decent 500 words in a half-hour or so on those busy workweek days. This will help me with NaNo’s as well as getting words on paper for my other writing projects.

And for those other projects…



I am going to make a roll once a week on Sunday, starting December 30th to choose a universe to work on. This is outside of the 500 Words and the focus is to ‘clean up’ the documentation for each ‘verse and to hammer out what projects I need to be working on.

Most of the writing work for these will fall on the weekends, since they will be deeper dives. I’d really like to try and start submitting for publication outside of my blog and that means getting the nine thousand ideas polished enough for print. (Well, web-print anyway! ;))

If all goes well I’ll be active on Scribophile again which means…


Scribophile, the online writing group for serious writers

I know I need to read book on writing… but I also need to read stories!

I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading and I need to get back in. One of the best ways for me to turn on my writing brain has been to beta read for other folks. I got in a little over my head with the novel beta read… so this time I’m going to pick smaller projects.

Scribophile is a ‘review to earn reviews’ so it should be a great motivator. I plan on doing a review before each writing session and then hopping into my own writing.

I also need to start using the reviews other people are leaving for me! I’ve let most of them languish, which is a horrible waste of their time and effort. ๐Ÿ™

Overall Plan for 2019

  • Work on a ‘verse every week, per the Random Roll table
  • Work on a daily workweek writing habit via 500 Words
  • 52 new Saturday Story Prompt posts!
  • Create 12 new ’31 Days of’ eBooks
  • Catch-up with the yearly Saturday Story Prompt collection eBooks
  • Rewrite old yearly eBooks: replace bad prompts, fix formatting, bring prompt count up to target
  • Start submitting things for publication
  • Post at least one review a week to Scribophile
  • Work on creating Canva images for the old prompt posts

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