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World of Warcraft Login Screen Ivypaw
One paw forward, two paws back…

My coworkers have been talking World of Warcraft recently… and it reignited my love of all thing Feral Druid-y.

I only bought a single month of game time for now, since recent historical past seems to indicate that the gaming treadmill and I won’t stay friends. But I’ve got my hopes up!

I’ll most likely do some sort of summary, like the old World of Treadcraft posts, but I’m not sure if they will be weekly or monthly.

Treadmill Tweaks

2016 treadmill Gaming World of Warcraft
Just a towel will do ya…

I’ve been using the same setup for my gaming rig for a long time now. I’ve done some minor tweaks, such as raising the towel-pile slightly and removing the mouse-box, but nothing major.

But now I’m starting to look at a rebuild…

  • The arm that hold the monitor is slowly warping the bookcase shelf, so I need to pull that out and rebuild it.
  • The keyboard and mouse aren’t at quite the right spot, so I’m looking into solutions that are a little more permanent than the towels. (And less slippery to boot!)
  • The gripping surface of the shelf liner has also deteriorated over the years, so I’m swapping that out as well.

All in all, look for a treadmill rebuild post in the next month or so! ๐Ÿ˜€

Begin from the Beginning(ish)

Fizzcrank Days Played 11 20 2018

As I often do when I return to a game after not playing it for a few years… I restart the game. 

While I doubt I’ll get Ivypaw up past 20, using her lets me get my UI and habits back on track. Once I’m comfortable, I’ll swap back to Ashella (my main) and keep going.

I’ll have a post (or three) on the various addons and macros I’m using this time around since the last UI posts I did are… old. But there are some old friends still on Curse and a bunch of new faces to play with, so it should be fun!

I’m also going to be doing some ‘How 2 Fite’ posts as I relearn all of the new feral abilities and tactics. It will 110% be a personal rehash of what other sites offer, but at a low leveling, err, level?

Enough of That… Time to Walk!

Scenery Long Ashella Catform Mountains Snow Temples

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