Saturday Story Prompts [2018.09.01]

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1. Light filtered through the leaves in lazy shadows, dancing ever so slightly on the forest floor. Whatever the storm the dragons had kicked up, it wasn’t powerful enough to disturb the sanctuary.

2. “Say you’re right.” She looked out the train window, lost in the blur of the city as it flew by. “Say I really do know the future, how all this ends— Would you really want me to tell you?”

3. The job pays more than it should, but not enough to make him too suspicious. He doesn’t have the luxury of being picky anymore.

4. Fighting in space is nothing like fighting in air, but what they lacked in real-world experience they more for made up for in video games skills. The only problem was adapting single-player strategies to fleet formations.

5. In dreams, she flies over lands buried in mist. Somewhere in the roiling fog, she knows the pack is following. Waiting. Waiting for her wings to fail.


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In dreams, she flies over lands buried in mist. Saturday Story Prompt. September 1, 2018
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