Saturday Story Prompts [2018.08.25]

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1. My mother’s magic died when we moved to the edge of the sea. Or so she said. We believed her then, that the salt in the air and the pull of the tide unraveled the gifts her grandmother had given her, but I don’t believe her now.

2. Turns out there’s a lot we’re willing to live without if it means we get to live among the stars.

3. The hills end in sharp cliffs, now scarred with ragged lines of unweathered granite tracing the fresh rockfalls into the river below.

4. My cousin died when he was twelve and his corpse looks out of the fireplace memento mori photos, always judging the siblings he left behind.

5. “If you pay the ticket, then you don’t have to go to court,” the sheriff said as he handed over a fine worth half of Ethan’s rent. “But I’ll be happy to see you there if you insist.”


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My mother’s magic died when we moved to the edge of the sea. Or so she said. Saturday Story Prompt. August 25, 2018
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