Not That Kind Of Werewolf

Daily Writing Exercise: Modern day urban fantasy with a pair of mated wolves whose meet-cute is less cute and more snarky. I think I may come back to this one! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 554 words.

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You never forget the moment you fall in love. Especially when you’re in the midst of a rant at an incompetent barista who is the last straw in an impossibly horrible morning and the very last thing on your mind is romance.

“Well, crap.”  I grabbed the horrendously poorly made coffee with a snarl and turned to glare at the startled looking man who had just walked into the Starbucks. He looked like he wished he could walk right back out again, but you can’t fight fate. “Come on, we’re going somewhere else, this place is a waste of time and money.”

I pushed out the door past him, heading up the street towards the 7-11 and their tolerable coffee. My unlucky new partner trailed behind, confused but apparently not alarmed enough to flee.

Falling in love makes you stupid like that.

I dumped the Starbucks coffee in the trash as we headed into the 7-11. It was already half-empty, I needed as much caffeine as I could get before the coming conversation. At least he was another werewolf, I’d heard way too many horror stories about wolves who ended up mated to humans.

“So, might as well get this over with. Do you know what’s going on?” I raised an eyebrow at him over the banks of coffee pots as I carefully assembled a proper unburnt cup of joe.

“You, uh, you’re my mate… I think?” He had regained enough composure to work on his own coffee, which had far too much sugar for my tastes. “I mean, I just saw you and I love you and I don’t just– I don’t do that.” He frowned down at his cup as if the hazelnut creamer was going to answer all of life’s questions.

“And you thought meeting your mate was going to be some magical moment you’ve been dreaming of since you were old enough to think girls weren’t icky.” I sighed and capped off my cup. “Look, sorry to ruin it for you, you just caught me at the worst possible time. If you want we can pretend it never happened and try again tomorrow?”

“NO! No, I mean, it’s fate, right? The goddess meant us to be together, so–” He trailed off, still uncertain but obviously drowning in the same overwhelming chemical lovefest that was thundering around in my own brain. “We can just… keep going?” He capped off his drink and looked up. “Can we meet for lunch?”

“Sure, here.” I’d already jotted my number on a napkin because there was no way my heart was going let me get out of this alive. There would be Romance Goddammit; the magic said so.

But I’d have to be lying to claim the smile that lit up his face was anything other than perfectly endearing. Love blinds you, I know that, but I swear to you that he was the most gorgeous thing on the entire planet and I would have happily spent the rest of the day just gazing into his eyes in perfect bliss.

Sadly, bliss doesn’t pay the rent, so both of us headed off to work.

And I might possibly have sent him several inappropriate text messages as the morning progressed, but I figure his HR department can’t fire me so what the hell.

This was LOVE.

Author’s Note: I have no idea where this came from, or where it’s going. But I think I love her. *pats fictive fondly and gets her hand bitten in retaliation* 

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