Saturday Story Prompts [2018.07.28]

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1. “We built a planet from nothing. Just took a dried-up old rock and boom! Now we’ve got a tiny perfect island in a sea of, well more tiny rocks.” John leaned back in the deck chair and waved a happily drunk arm at the stars. “We’re gods.”

“Very tiny gods.” Matt pointed out, only slightly less drunk, but considerably less impressed.

2. A dragon perches at the edge of the clock tower for a moment, wings spread and silhouetted in fractured crystal against the sun.

3. His card is declined and he hasn’t carried cash in years, so he’s forced to rely on the kindness of strangers to buy his lunch.

4. Before they leave for the fight, they burn everything they can. Like sailors who torch their ships on the shore, they have to make sure there’s no going back.

5. Nothing can prepare you for the touch of an angel. No matter how many stories you’ve heard, the feel of sin being burned away is ecstatic and agonizing in a way our brains weren’t meant to understand.


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We built a planet from nothing. Just took a dried up old rock and boom! Saturday Story Prompt. July 28, 2018
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