Saturday Story Prompts [2018.07.07]

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1. She goes on safari as prey, not hunter, relishing in the few remaining chances to test her evasion skills against what’s left of mankind’s natural predators.

2. “Don’t joke with me, not about this. Just tell me what’s going on. … Please.”

3. It takes them a while to understand that the meadow fairies have no true sense of history. Everything in the past is a story to them, embellished and improved on with each retelling. It takes them even longer to realize that ‘the past’ applies just as strongly to five seconds ago as it does five years.

4. Everyone knows that someday the sun will go nova. It’s just one of those problems you leave for another generation to solve… Unfortunately for us, the system next door has run out of time and the answer seems to be ‘go steal someone else’s.’

5. Her brother is born with a scientist’s soul, always exploring, always pushing for the ‘why’ that lies at the heart of everything.


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017 Saturday Story Prompts 2018-07-07
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