Piano Adagietto (Custom Breyer Stablemate Peruvian Paso)

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Piano Adagietto

Piano Adagietto carries on my grand tradition of naming models after musical notation (Senza Sordina, Piano Forte, etc.). Piano is soft and Adagietto is slow, but lighthearted– a perfect match to his ambling gait or “paso llano.”

This handsome fella is a Breyer Stablemate Peruvian Paso painted to a deep seal bay with two white socks. I sanded his seams and removed the Breyer logo, but no other customizations have been made to the mold. (Although the more I look at his hooves, the more I really want to resculpt them!)

You may have seen this little guy featured in some of the Etsy prop listings— he’s actually been done since November of last year!

Well, almost done, I keep bringing him back until the brush for more touch-ups. Magnifying glasses and micro photography are the bane of perfectionists. But it’s long past time for him to find a new home.

I love a good dark bay because of the depth you can get to the colors. There are four different browns used to create his coat, not including black!

But as much as I love Adagietto, he’s just too dark to take good prop photos with. Now that I have Ladybug to work with, he’s just hanging out in the wings and longing for a new bookshelf to call home.

Medium: Liquitex White Gesso, FolkArt Acrylics (2906 Coffee Latte, 2907 Bark Brown, 425 Medium Gray, 504 VanDyke Brown, 944 Nutmeg), Apple Barrel (20504 Black, 21390 Khaki), and Prismacolor pencils.

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