Saturday Story Prompts [2018.06.30]

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1. Griffins have no concept of mothers or family lines. It’s males who dutifully tend the flock’s communal nest and the question of whose chick is whose never occurs to them.

2. “Don’t ask for handouts,” he snapped and snatched away the tip bucket before they could object. “You’re paid a fair wage– more than fair, and I won’t have them bribing you to do your jobs well.”

3. Winds from the mountains bring the scent of wintermint and frost, which means the storms are coming early this year.

4. Gargoyles lean out at the corners of the building, spewing fountains of soot and rainwater into the street. They were white stone once and it gleams where the water burnishes it clean, but the rest is hidden beneath the grimy crust of the city. The nearest one is clockwork instead of stone; she can tell by the spidery white cracks that run along its seams. She gives it a cold look as she steps to the door to knock, but it doesn’t falter from its duty.

5. There are no pilots on the intersystem freighters, in fact, there are barely any humans at all. Everything’s done by computers, from maintenance to movement. The pair of human ‘failsafes‘ that ride along are more ceremonial than useful.


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042 Saturday Story Prompts 2018-06-30
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