Saturday Story Prompts [2018.06.09]

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1. Exile to the roads isn’t all that bad, once you’ve had a few centuries to think about it. The views are spectacular out here and I never like that town anyway.

2. The aliens are tiny flying things that individually lack intelligence. It isn’t until the expedition stumbles upon a hive and the massive swarm-mind within that they understand their unique shared sentience.

3. The desert is slowly consuming our neighborhood. Each storm the dunes nibble away at the lawns and pavement, burying false greenery and tar under the heavy churn of what once was and what shall be again.

4. “Did you ever stop to wonder where all the birds have gone?” He looks up at the empty trees, hands tucked deep into his father’s old overcoat against the spring chill.

It’s not an idle question, but she’s not sure how to answer. Until he’d mentioned it she hadn’t, but now the emptiness where the birds had been seems ominous. Mother’s magic should have kept them safe, but who knows what he’s been meddling with.

5. The thick blanket of clouds slowly rolls from horizon to horizon in an unbroken undulation that hints of snow.


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032 Saturday Story Prompts 2018-06-09
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