Live From the Frugal Workbench

Live From the Workbench 03-31-2018
There are moments of clean… in-between the chaos.

Things have been changing in the world of the workbench and I’m now entering a period of attempted self-restraint (insert dramatic music here)… the goal is that I will not be buying any new art supplies in April!

*pause for laughter*

I’ll be spending money on Etsy to list things, but otherwise the negative side of the balance sheet should have a nice round zero on it when May comes around. (We are ignoring my subscription to Maggie’s Monthly Micros because I refuse to be that frugal. …yet. *sighs*)

So what have I got in the current work in progress pile that doesn’t require buying new materials? So. Many. Things.

April Showers Bring May Ponies!

April Workbench Projects
April Workbench Projects

I have been working on a wide variety of projects (for many many years) and been pretty much terrible about finishing them. But now that I have my get-er-done spree started with this year’s NaMoPaiMo horse, I’m trying to keep the winning streak going! 🙂

So in April keep an eye out for updates on:

  • Body Box Trade horses
  • Breyer Stablemates
  • Breyer Mini Whinnies
  • TOOB Ponies
  • TOOB Horses (Paint Chip Ponies)
  • TOOB Animals
  • Resin Magnets
  • Plaster Magnets
  • Wooden Magnets
  • Reindeer Ornaments
  • Bases and Fencing
  • Cavaletti and Ground Poles

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