Dear AdSense… Goodbye!

I added in Google AdSense ads in 2016, after the traffic from the plaster casting posts started to take off. I figured it would be helpful to readers to see some ads, if they related to the content… but it’s taken me two years to earn the $100 payout minimum.

That pretty much proves the ads aren’t at all useful to readers and at this point I’m going to take the money and run. Well, jog maybe.

As smart as Google’s ad-matching service is, it seems like the only way to really make money with advertising is to become one of those horrible pages that splits a story into 127 parts. Since I’m a devotee of AdBlock myself, I see no reason to keep them up.

So enjoy your new ad free blog! 😀 (Not that anyone will notice, since y’all are probably already running ad-blocking software… 😉 )

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