Saturday Story Prompts [2018.03.17]

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1. There’s chaos magic lurking in the roots of the park, a faded heartbeat beneath the veneer of civilization… but there, if they need it.

2. “When did a job become more important than your friends?”

“It didn’t.”

3. The curb and sidewalk end abruptly a few moments down the road, as if the city had made a halfhearted attempt to include us and then thought better of it.

4. The end of the play is more violent than she expected, main and supporting cast drop among fountains of stage blood and desperate cries. And all around her the audience cheers.

5. First contact has become depressingly routine: We show up and say hi. They recoil in horror and throw every weapon they have at us. We leave.

We’re only three years into the mission and already there’s talk of just going home.


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012 Saturday Story Prompts 2018-03-17
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