Live from the Workbench

Live From the Workbench 03-18-2018
If it’s not messy, it’s not a workbench! 😉

The past few weeks have been lost to the herd of Fat Ponies magnets, but that stampede is finally over!

Now I just have to get up, dust myself (and the workbench) off, and get back to the non-pony work. There are a bunch of Breyer Stablemate customs waiting to be worked on, some TOOB ponies that need finishing, and a whole passel of non-pony magnets that need to make it up to the Etsy store.

So… pretty much the same backlog I always have! 😉

Fat Pony Magnets

Giant Pile of Fat Pony Magnets
So. Many. Ponies!!

I ended up with 36 new ponies at the end of the madness, with a nice mix of fantasy and reality. Fifteen of them will be trotting off as donations to Big Orange Bash (plus one sneaky one that I’m not posting until it gets there). BOB is letting me pick which ones to send, so now I have to play favorites when I pack the box.

The rest will all head out to Etsy, save for the two that are already sold. Which meant I had to sit down and do a ‘cost of materials’ post. Those are always fun, mostly because it reminds me of how little money I actually make at this hobby! 😉

I’m looking to sell the finished ponies, raw casts, prepped casts, and painting kits. The raw casts will be the easiest, since those require the least amount of work, but the other two will be interesting. I need to find a way to spray paint the prepped horses, as that would save me a lot of time. Otherwise a prepped horse is pretty much the same as painting an all white one…

Palomino Body Box Horse

Palomino Paso Fino Custom 3-18-18
Time to get back to palomino’ing!

The next body box horse up on the block is the resculpted Paso Fino. I need to finish painting her and then finish up the new base that lets her and the resculpted TB race side-by-side.

I’m not that happy with the color right now, so there’s going to be a bit of playing around until I can get it locked in. *poked horse* Should be a fun challenge! 🙂

I’m going to dig around online and see if I can find any tutorials on palominos with acrylics. I don’t remember finding any when I looked last time, but I should probably check it out again… worst case I just add that to my ‘write a tutorial for x’ list.

TOOB Ponies

TOOB Pony Herd
A whole passel of ponies!

I have a whole herd of these little guys, some realistic, some fantasy, and most of them are only an hour or so from being completed. I need to go ahead and finish them off and then get them listed to Etsy.

These guys aren’t quite as ‘paint and forget’ as the Paint Chip Ponies, so I’ll be listing them as $10 horses instead of $5. They aren’t as important as the Paso Fino, but they are a good way to get warmed up before I start painting for ‘real’ each day.

With luck the Etsy store (and the blog) are going to see a lot more ponies in the near future! 😀


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