Live from the Workbench

Live From the Workbench 02-25-2018
The Storm Before the Calm

My NaMoPaiMo (National Model Painting Month) horse is finished! *dancedancedance*

…Which means my workbench is once again filled with Fat Pony magnets, since I want to try and get those all done this week. Then it’s back to all of the other projects (like the Body Box Trade) that have been waiting patiently for my art mojo to return!

Although it looks like the nice weather isn’t going to hang around (70 degree days in Feb are heaven!), I’m raring to keep things rolling. 😀

Fat Pony Magnets

Fat Pony Magnets as of 02-26-2018
Fat Ponies… GOGOGO!

I had bit of a mishap with the magnet leveling jig that I built and I ended up having to rebuild it. So the production of the ponies slowed down for a bit.

That said, I’ve still got a pretty nice list of newly finished ponies since last post! 🙂

  • #023 Copper Bay
  • #024 Gold Spotted Blanket Appaloosa
  • #025 Flaxen Chestnut Splash Overo
  • #026 Bay
  • #027 Black Minimal Overo Unicorn
  • #028 Dapple Gray (in progress)
  • #029 Flaxen Yellow Splash Overo
  • #030 Yellow Bay Tobiano
  • #031 Yellow… ???  (in progress)
  • #032 Yellow Orange Bay Splash Overo
  • #033 Yellow White… ??? (in progress)
  • #034 Yellow Orange… ??? (in progress)

I’ve got three red bodies and three orange bodies in the prepping stage, but those need a bunch more work. As for the bodies I am casting now (as soon as I get my job fixed), I’m planning on a lot more realistic horses!

My goal is to have four different ponies for each ‘color’ listing on Etsy: Solid, Tobiano, Frame Overo, Splash Overo, Appaloosa, Faux-Turquoise, Faux-Agate, etc. This means I need to paint a bunch more… but I also need to get at least 15 done so that Big Orange Bash can pick out their donation ponies! 😀

Model Horses

This was a great month for model horses (as you’d expect from a challenge month) and I managed to get three of the tiny equines done and ready for photos!

Ladybird - Custom Chestnut Dungaree Breyer Stablemate Model Horse
Hi! My name is… horse?

The first one across the finish line was the Breyer Stablemate G4 Dungaree that I painted so I could have a prop horse that was a tad more photogenic than the dark paso Peruvian Paso that I’ve been using. I have no idea what to name her, but I needed to decide soon… there are a bunch of props that need a pony to make it to Etsy!

Body Box Trade - Resculpted Chestnut TB Breyer Stablemate Model Horse
Fly pony, fly!

The second was the second Body Box Trade horse: a resculpted Breyer Stablemate G2 Thoroughbred and his removable base.

The first one out of the body box pile was the trick pony (who still needs a blog post), and there’s quite a few more in the wings. The Palomio Paso Fino is the last of the drastic resculpts and I’ve learned so much working on them!

I’m in the middle of working out how to do a base that will support the TB and the Paso at the same time (so they can race properly). I’m hoping to get that done before the next update, but I also want to get back into painting the Palomino Paso, so… *waffles*

I just need to get better photos of the TB! (He’s got a lot more depth of color that it looks like in these photos, no sure why he turned out so washed up.)

NaNoPaiMo 2018 Model Horse Custom Maggie Bennett Monthly Micro Mini June 2016 Jewel
Never underestimate the power of craft paints!

And last but not least… my NaMoPaiMo horse is finished!

This is Maggie Bennett’s sculpture Jewel, which was the June 2016 Maggie’s Monthly Micro Mini. She’s tiny (as you can see from the photos) and the very first of the black plastic micros that I’ve been brave enough to customize!

Sure, I’ve painted a few of her pewter micros in the past, but after seeing artists like Christina Riley and Jaime Baker work their magic on the molds I was sure there was no way I could do one justice…

But somehow I managed to pull it off! *insanely happy dance*

There are tiny things I want to fix (aren’t there always?) but I need to setup a better magnifying method before I try. I ended up putting such a crick in my shoulder working on this gal and I’d like to avoid making it worse. :p

So… not a bad update! 😀 Onwards and upwards!!

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