Saturday Story Prompts [2018.02.17]

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1. Seven used to be a lucky number until the moon went dark.

2. The wind is strong enough today to send waves rippling over the surface of the lake. No one is there to greet me at the dock, I’m guessing what fish are left have fled the fires, hiding in the deepest reaches of the flooded mine.

3. “An arm or a leg, that was the deal,” the harvester said with a grinding of gears.

4. Carefully she coaxes the seeds awake, her magic feeds the King’s flowers the warmth and sunlight they need to blossom in time for the wedding.

5. The birds circle overhead, riding the warm currents from the burial fires.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can use these writing prompts verbatim or modified, just don’t resell them as prompts. (That’s my shtick!)

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004 Saturday Story Prompts 2018-02-17
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