Reworking the Saturday Story Prompt eBooks

I’ve decided it’s long past time to bring some order to the chaos that the Saturday Story Prompt collections have turned into!

What started out as simple yearly collections have slowly morphed into a variety of formats, covers, and lengths– all of which are priced exactly the same. This is a smidge confusing to readers, so it’s time to invite some logic to the party.

By the end of March there will be five kinds of books…

  • $2.99 ‘Yearly’ 265 prompt collections (old prompts, new prompts, plus additional content)
  • $1.99 62 prompt custom themed collections (custom built from old prompts and new prompts)
  • $1.99 31 prompt custom written books (custom written, new prompts)
  • $0.99 62/31 prompt themed collections (old prompts)
  • FREE ‘bad’ prompt collections (old prompts)

Meet the New (Old) Books!

The yearly books will be edited to replace prompts that I now consider to be subpar —those will be bundled into the free books– and will have additional sections on how to use the prompts and writer’s block. This should turn them into something closer to the other prompt-type books out there. Or at least the good ones.

Depending on the book, this can turn into a significant amount of work so I’m hoping to get these done before April Camp NaNoWriMo kicks in. *crosses fingers*

They are also getting new covers (as you can see above) so that they aren’t as boldly linked to the year they were written. The year really isn’t important and the inside copy will still let folks know most of the material is available online for free.

The custom 62 prompt books are created around a theme specified by the buyer and contain new and old prompts. Since I have over 2,000 prompts to pull from, I should be able to pull at least half of these books from the archives, so I put them at the same price point as the fully custom book.

I’m not overly fond of the cover image I have now, but I want to keep them visually distinct from the other types of books. I’m using a stock image as the background, but I have plenty of books so it would be easy to replace it with one containing only theme-related novels. *ponders*

The custom 31 prompt books are created around a theme specified by the buyer and contain only new prompts. I’ve had good feedback from these orders in the past, so I’m comfortable raising the prices a bit. When I didn’t have as many prompts written they were very useful in helping me come up with new content… now, not so much.

In the past I’ve provided 62 prompts and allowed the buyer to choose which 31 they wanted to ‘keep’, but this turned out to be too confusing. Instead I’m offering to replace up to 15 of the prompts with new material if they ask. So far I haven’t had anyone request a refund because the prompts weren’t useful… so I’m hoping that keeps up! 🙂

The 62/31 prompt books are pre-made themed collections. These are being created primarily as giveaways for my mailing list, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to add them to the stores. Since these were all created for other purposes, I’ve left them at a dollar.

I am hoping to produce one of these collections a month, but we’ll see how crazy the year gets.

Which brings us to my favorite of the new book ‘types’…

The bad prompt books are collections of prompts that I removed from the other books for being not prompt-y enough! These are prompts that are still useful (in theory), but take a lot of sideways thinking. These books will include a brief suggestion on how to use the prompts, but are primarily meant as entertainment.

Go Live Dates

Right now the pricing will be changing as I update the books. The first book in the yearly collections will take the longest, since it’s currently short 70+ prompts and I need to write the new sections. Once that book is finished, the others will hopefully be easy fixes. Yay reformatting?

The very first things to change will be the smaller books, both here and on Etsy. They will take the least amount of time to update and the price won’t be changing for most of them, so it will be a transparent change to shoppers.


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