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Pinterest Saturday Story Prompts Scheduling

I’ve been working to try and pull visitors into the blog via Pinterest and the easiest way to do that has turned out to be the Saturday Story Prompts! …Which is odd, because I would have sworn the tutorials would do better. *confused Martha’s are confused*


I’m certainly not one to look a gift visitor in the mouth (hi folks!) so I decided it was time to break out the spreadsheets and get organized about my SSP pinning.

To be fair, all the time is spreadsheet time.  *solemn nod*

Pinning Saturday Story Prompts

057 Saturday Story Prompts 2008-12-27

I’m on my eighth solid year of Saturday Story Prompts, so I’ve got a lot of posts to play with. Unfortunately, I don’t have all 52 images created for each of the years yet… but this will hopefully light the fire that gets them finished. 😁

My first attempt at a schedule is shown above.

It was a nice steady waterfall where there would be two older SSPs posted each day with enough variation in the pattern that it wouldn’t seem like a simple repeat.

Saturdays were for the new blog posts and one of the fun ‘lookie me!’ advertising images I’ve made. (Those are oddly fun to put together!)

But then I decided that wasn’t enough. In theory, I’m supposed to be posting roughly 20-30% of my own content as pins.

And I pin a lot of things.

Sooo…. yeah. Time to crank up the production a little! 😅

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