Reworking the Saturday Story Prompt eBooks

I’ve decided it’s long past time to bring some order to the chaos that the Saturday Story Prompt collections have turned into!

What started out as simple yearly collections have slowly morphed into a variety of formats, covers, and lengths– all of which are priced exactly the same. This is a smidge confusing to readers, so it’s time to invite some logic to the party.

By the end of March there will be five kinds of books…

  • $2.99 ‘Yearly’ 265 prompt collections (old prompts, new prompts, plus additional content)
  • $1.99 62 prompt custom themed collections (custom built from old prompts and new prompts)
  • $1.99 31 prompt custom written books (custom written, new prompts)
  • $0.99 62/31 prompt themed collections (old prompts)
  • FREE ‘bad’ prompt collections (old prompts)


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