Saturday Story Prompts [2018.01.06]

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1. The dragon uncoils from her neck as soon as they leave, the feel of its transformation from gold to flesh sends shivers down her arms. It coils up on her shoulder, hissing tiny insults at the men who had just insisted dragons were only myths.

2. Dark patches of earth linger where the oil had dripped, spring grasses and even the most hearty weeds flourish only at their edges.

3. The massive mining ship is really just a collection of smaller ships, it’s meant to come apart at the seams as soon as they hit orbit.

4. “If Man had been meant to swim, he would have fins,” chided the elders, herding generation after generation away from the waves. When they did go out, they stepped from docks to wide thick-hulled boats without a drop of water near their toes. It was obvious Man was not meant for the sea, even the youngest child knew enough to fear the water.

5. He’s spent most of his young lifetime in the mines and he’s learned to love the rain. It washes away the soot and grime, soothes lungs wracked with dust, and most of all, it hides the sun that burns his eyes even through the layers of gauze.


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He’s spent most of his young lifetime in the mines and he’s learned to love the rain. Saturday Story Prompt. January 6, 2018
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