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Have the courage to write badly Joshua Wolf Shenk Quote

It’s time for me to start writing badly!

Well, hopefully not too badly as I plan on dragging you fine readers along on the ride, but it’s the thought that counts. (I think?)

The basic outline of 2018 will include three novella attempts via NaNoWriMo (two camps and November), but I’d like to end the year with other wins as well. I’m not quite brave enough to try a 52 in 52 again, after my miserable loss last year, but I’m thinking maybe a 9 in 9 (minus NaNo months) might not be impossible.

And this time I won’t count the drabbles. 😉

Half Past Never - eBook Cover

So what are my nine stories for 2018?

The easiest will be to pick up work on Half Past Never until I get finished with the first short story in the Tales of the Drunken Unicorn ‘verse. There are actually a bunch of half-outlined short stories in this ‘verse, so I could just keep going… but my Muses tend to get a little haywire if I try and stay that consistent.

The next story has a first draft, but not a final one. I want to put some polish on Inheritance, I’ve gotten feedback on it from multiple folks thanks to Scribophile, but I haven’t done anything with that feedback. So instead of a rough draft, the second project will be to finished a second draft.

After that, things get a little more confusing. I have a lot of stories that could use some love. I think it might be better to swap writing styles as well as ‘verses, maybe into something more lyrical like Rabbit’verse? I’m not sure how I’ll be feeling at the end of an editing run.

One-Word Title : NaNoWriMo 2015!

Part of me wants to start another large scale project like [One-word Title], but the whole idea is to finish things, not get overwhelmed. (I have NaNo for that! 😉 )

The more I think about this and try to plan it out, the more I’m realising that certain ‘verses really rely heavily on my mindset at the time. Whistling In The Dark is sort of silly, but pretty dark too… Imaginary Gate Team 5 is fun to write if I’m in the mood for a cheery apocalypse. They really need to stop invading all of my non-Fanfiction. *sighs*

But the Baron’verse has SO MUCH STUFF in it… Silverwitch is begging to be finished and The Wolves We Are could use a massive rewrite. (I’m trying to avoid poking at it, since I’m still not sure how to fix it.)


Please tell me other writers have this problem with a million plot bunnies all bouncing around at once and an inherent inability to finish things? *flails around madly*

…Oh well, off to write some really horrid first drafts! 😀

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