Saturday Story Prompts (Plus Five)

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1. ‘I miss you’ wasn’t enough, but she couldn’t figure out how to put the overwhelming homesickness and frustration at being the only human on board the ship into the short space Communications allowed.

2. They bind the souls of the dead into automatons to give testimony during the trials.

3. His first job starts at four a.m. and runs ’till noon, no breaks, no rests and he’s always drained by the time his second job starts at one. That one’s an easy gig, running a register with barely any customers and a shop owner who treats him like one of her cats.

4. After the war, the Elves decree magic too powerful a thing for mortal hands and lock it away behind trials only immortals can pass.

5. “Why do you keep letting her do this? Every time you clean up her messes– if it was you needing help, she wouldn’t come.”

“I promised mom I’d take care of her.”


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They bind the souls of the dead into automatons to give testimony during the trials. Saturday Story Prompt. December 31, 2017
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