Saturday Story Prompts [2017.12.02]

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1. Heartstones of enslaved rock spirits are embedded in the road at even intervals, serving both as a warning and a means of self-repair.

2. “You can’t fake insanity,” he said with a shrug, neatly cuffing her to the radiator.

3. The ship has worn down to mostly duct tape and prayer, the fact that she’s flying at all owes more to their luck she hasn’t had to hit atmosphere in decades than any real engineering skill.

4. I never thought I’d outlive the farm. Generations of my family have worked these fields, passing from mother to daughter, aunt to niece, but the fires have taken my birthright away.

5. Cats know the future, but they refuse to tell.


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You can’t fake insanity, he said with a shrug, neatly cuffing her to the radiator. Saturday Story Prompt. December 2, 2017
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