Live From the Workbench

Live From the Workbench 12-09-2017
Live From the Workbench 12-09-2017

November had come to a close (with very little artwork accomplished) and I was raring to go! The art desk was clean, the lightbox was rebuilt, and it was the first weekend after NaNo!

…And then my dog ate my NaMoPaiMo (National Model Painting Month) project from last year. And that pretty much killed my ability to do anything creative at all.

NaMoPaiMo 2017 Doggo Disaster
NaMoPaiMo 2017 Doggo Disaster

It’s one thing to know on some low level that artwork is a temporary thing, but there’s a certain pessimism that comes with having to embrace the fact that you put hours of work into something that can be destroyed in seconds. *sighs*


I had a friend who requested an ornament for her birthday and even in the midst of an art slump I couldn’t bring myself to buy one off the shelf. So I grabbed some Sculpey and went to work.

Reindeer Ornament 001 - Front

I spent a week sculpting and molding and casting and painting and… I think it’s safe to say that I’ve shaken off the artistic doldrums. I’m still sad about the horse, who I hadn’t ever gotten around to naming (poor little guy), but at least now I can look at him and start planning repairs.

Storage Boxes and Tubes for Workbench
Storage Boxes and Tubes for Workbench

So I spent yesterday cleaning the workbench and planning out which art supplies will be headed upstairs to the doggo no-fly zone.

I’ve been having an issue with my storage for pens and whatnot, so I took a moment to have a bit of fun with some toilet paper rolls, basswood, boxes, and coreboard. And lots of packing tape. It may look a little silly (the Lego box is just balanced right now), but so far it’s working out well. If it holds up for a month or so, then I think I may do a quick how-to post on it as well.

I’m still horribly behind at getting the non-writing listings back up into the Etsy story and I have a LOT of work left to do on the body box trade horses… plus Christmas present magnets (of course!). So there’s plenty to do now that I’ve got my mojo back.


Cat vs Dog vs Lightbox (or: Why I Can't Have Nice Things)
Cat vs Dog vs Lightbox (or: Why I Can’t Have Nice Things)

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  1. Lois E McMahon

    It must have been delicious to eat as well as see! Perhaps you need to add red pepper to your paint?

    1. Martha Bechtel

      …I am tempted, but Bucket is a Dog Of Little Brain and he might think hot peppers are tasty! XD

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