[YANS] (NaNoWriMo Day 13)

The only thing she knows is true anymore is that the dragon needs to die.

In which things don’t go much of anywhere and they call it a day. (MuseFic only)

Daily Wordcount: 281
Total Wordcount:  16,925 (includes Title, Chapter Headers, etc.)

NOTE: This is a MuseFic in which the Writer, the Muse, and her fictives work to create the rough draft of a story (or just worldbuild). There will be spoilers for the story being drafted, which will most likely contain plot holes, retcons, and other inconsistencies.

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Of Writers and Blocks

“I give up, I have no idea what I’m doing.” The Writer stared down at her notes and took another set of Advil. “I can’t think straight through this headache and all I’m doing is staring at blank sheets of paper and not writing anything.”

The living room was empty, save for the Muse who was in her normal spot on the couch. It had shrunk slightly, enveloping the whiteboard and comfy chair in the translucent churning mists.

“Such is the fate of a pantser,” the Muse agreed. “But you have plenty to work with. You have Khany and Jashn chatting it up back to the cave. You have him meeting Dragon and maybe getting found out. You have them working with the pools to try and stop the future with the fire.”

“I know… but I’m still sitting here staring at blank pages!”

“So write something else? Another set of world descriptions or backstories?” The Muse put down her tablet and walked over to the desk to steal some of the pain killers. Her Writer’s headache was slowly infecting her as well. “What about just skipping to the end of the story and writing that? Or some of the bigger story?”

“All blanks.” The Writer pondered just setting the whole thing on fire and being done with it.

“Then call it a day and stop worrying about it. You’ll miss out on some word count, but it’s better than sitting here writing nothing and getting more depressed.” The Muse cleared off the writing desk and handed the Writer her tablet. “Go read some stories, get recharged and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And so she did.

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