Fat MinPin #001-003

Fat MinPins #001-003

I had a blast last year making the Fat Animal Magnet as Christmas presents, but it’s taken me forever and a day to finish getting them all up on the blog. That’s what I get for painting 50ish things at a time, I suppose! 😉

Anywho, these cute little doggos were done as a portrait of a friend’s miniature pinscher. They have cropped ears and a docked tail, but I’ve got another natural version half-done. It’s a little alarming how many ‘new’ Fat Animals are still waiting in the wings…

I need to stop casting new ones and just finish up the ones I have!

The original mold for the minpin had a lot of problems (as you can see below). I ended up resculpting the nose on almost all of the casts and the legs also gave me headaches. Like most of the sculpts I ended up making a new mold out of the OOMOO that I’m a lot happier with.

Also, the shiny black doesn’t photograph at all well, so the minpins are mostly reflection, but I think they turned out rather well. The first one went off as a present, but the other two will be back up on Etsy as soon as I sort out the lightbox.

I’m looking forward to getting to paint this little fella in a whole range of colors now that I have a better mold made! 🙂

#001 and 002 – The first two were easy picks, since black and rust red markings are the generic color when you think of a minpin. They were painted in Apple Barrel (20504 Black) and Americana (DA174 Milk Chocolate).

#003 – For a fantasy version I decided to go with a realistic pattern, but in black and lilac. She was painted in Apple Barrel (20504 Black, 21388 Lilac Mist).

Fat Minpins #002-003 Fat Minpin Sculpture and Raw Casts

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