Fat Dolphin #001-003

Fat Dolphins #001-003

Behold the majesty of the sea!

These little guys were part of the ’round 2′ in the Fat Animal Magnet Christmas present lineup and I can’t remember if I made them or the Orcas first. (This is why I really shouldn’t wait a year to do posts! *facepalm*)

Fat Dolphins Sculpture and Resin Casts

This was another sculpture that ended up needing some epoxy work after casting. For some reason the tips of the tails just didn’t want to cast, no matter how much I tried to de-air-bubble them. Hopefully once the second round of sculpting is done on it the new mold will be a bit better. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fat Dolphins 001-003

#001 –  When it came time to paint the dolphins, I went with a nice simple grey to start. Painted in FolkArt (425 Medium Gray).

#002 – The next one was a shaded lighter gray, but with the same bottlenose dolphin pattern. Painted in FolkArt (708 Dove Gray, 425 Medium Gray).

#003 – And last, but not least, for the fantasy end of things I went with a rich plum… because I’d forgotten (or supressed the horror) of just how many coats of paint it takes for this color! Painted in FolkArt (668 Metallic Plum).

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