Canva and the Art of Design

Canva vs. Me

I may be a passable artist, but I am a horrible, horrible graphic designer. (As anyone who had to suffer through my attempts at designing eBook covers is well aware.)

Thankfully I got extremely lucky and stumbled across Canva which has kindly led me out of the darkness and into the social media acceptable light.

Since they’ve made such a big impact on me, I thought I’d drop them a blog post and share the love in case anyone else hasn’t found them yet! 🙂

I have yet to sit down and work my way through their design tutorials, so I’ve mostly been using pre-made templates that I’ve been tweaking and uploading my own photos to. It’s certainly not at the level of an actual designer, but it looks so much better.

It’s very easy to use (at least for me) and mostly consists of dragging around and resizing different elements. They offer a wide range of free templates and with a little camera-fu to grab some generic background images, you can make some really nice images really quickly.

There are premium designs and images for sale, neither of which I’ve played around with, but to be honest I haven’t needed them. At some point, if I ever get good at this, I might see if I donate some free photos and art objects to the pool.

$12.99/9.99 a month just isn’t worth it for me right now… although I do wish I could get a few more folders on the free account! (Only having 2 feels like they are just taunting me. :p)

I’ve still got ‘hire a real book cover designer’ on my wish list, but for now at least I can pretend to know what I’m doing.

Now I just have 412 Saturday Story Prompt images to make! … *whimpers*


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