Live From the Writing Desk : Pre-NaNo Edition

NaNo 2017 Participant Badge

How did it get to be October 31st already?? I swear it was May when I last blinked…

I’m sort of ready for the chaos to come, thanks to the Musing in Words Before Worlds, but I’m still nervous about November. No matter how many times I do NaNoWriMo, I’m always 100% positive I’ll fail up until the starting gun goes off.

True, I have failed more than once, but I always get a lot further into the story than I expected. Last year’s attempt actually resulted in a fun MuseFic romp that I enjoyed rereading, so I have high hopes that this year’s novel will follow suit.

I’m hoping to attend several of the local write-ins as well as get a ‘non-NaNo’ writing routine somewhat hammered out. Looking at my life, I’m not sure writing every day is something I can realistically commit to, but I’d like to get at least three days a week where I get some words on paper. *crosses fingers*

I’ll also be working on the book review that I’ve been chewing on all year as well– I figure it will be a great break from working on the NaNo and it will satisfy my Inner Editor! 😉

Good luck to everyone who’s participating and if you are posting your novel on Wattpad or a blog, leave a link in the comments! 😀

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